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2020 A year in review

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This year, 2020, was crazy, unusual, and maybe we will talk about it for years to come. I am very grateful that my family and I are safe. 2020 is also the year that we had our first baby, a lovely baby girl. Throughout the year, I’ve released a decent amount of educational content focusing more on the JAMstack.


  • Videos: 45 YouTube videos
  • Blog posts: 3 blog posts
  • Courses: 1 big course and four mini-courses/collections, a total of 28 videos
  • Side Projects:,
  • Twitch Streams: around 40+ stream

Content I released

My main focus was JAMstack and building a complete project from start to finish. Not the classic blog post or todo app but real-world saas Apps using Gatsbyjs, Netlify, Contentful, and the JAMstack friends.

Most of the content was in the form of videos. I started the year with a challenge, pushing the JAMstack to its limit, so I started building a Saas App called . Throughout 23 streams, I created a complete App that uses Netlify Identity, Stripe, Twillio videos, and much more hot new tech. You can find all the videos in this YouTube playlist . The code is also opensource over at Github .

Continuing with the live stream, I also did 13 random ones covering different topics like working on my website , Setting up my dev environment, exploring other frameworks/tools like eleventy, Gatsby recipes, and answering some people’s questions about Contentful.

Compared to video production, I did very poorly in writing blog posts, which I will try to improve in 2021 (famous last word). I wrote a piece about how to use Gatsby as a replacement for create-react-app . The goal was not to talk about this vs. that but to showcase Gatsby’s power and how you can build real-world apps with it. The second blog post I wrote is a deep dive into Gatsby recipes and how you can create your own. Consider it the written version of my egghead mini-course. I also wrote another blog post on about life Before and After Gatsby Recipes.

Now courses, With the help of , I produced the following:

Side projects

I probably start 34897 side projects, but I will talk only about the ones I released.

I released learnjamstack , a curated list of courses, articles, and tips about JAMstack.The main thing you get from this project is a weekly email with great jamstack resources, or what I thought is cool.

I released , quick and easy React snippets that you’re always looking for but never find. Most of the time, when working with React, I find myself scanning a tutorial directly for the code and skipping all the explanations and fluff because I don’t need it, so I made just for that use case.

Where to go from here

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