Open letter to @Adobe and @AdobeAir


It is been a long time now and we as Flash/Air developer didn’t get a real answer about the future of the Flash platform even if it still in the market and most of the successful game out there written with  Actionscript 3.0 and no other platform could create such easy and consistent workflow.

So I wanted to share this open letter From Gary Paluk Founder of Zest3d which I think it is well expressing everything.

it all started here :

Open letter to @Adobe and @Adobe Air

I was a developer of the Away3D TypeScript HTML5 project which was funded by Adobe. I wrote my own Flash/Air 3D engine called Zest3D which had no funding from Adobe, so I’m in quite a good position to comment given my experience with the technologies being discussed.

The comments here illustrate just how concerned developers are, developers that have invested in Adobe technology over the years. I have invested 13 years of my own development career in Adobe products and evangelized the technology over that time. Your users can see that there is a perfectly good technology that does more than the new HTML5 offerings and they are evidently frustrated that you are not supporting developers that do not see why they aught to retrain to use an inferior technology.

Whilst I understand business choices are being made to support HTML5, Adobe should understand developers will leave rather than use inferior technology. I, for one, would resent moving to your HTML5 technology and every highly skilled developer that I have spoken to has said the same. You can see that in the comments already received.

Many of those developers feel that Adobes evangelist attitude to HTML5 is misplaced and a PR/market bending directive that is damaging their livelihoods and the skill-sets that they have accumulated and as most people would understand, developers and artists want to use the best products and workflows to get a job complete. In this case, the best product is Adobe Air and certainly not PhoneGap. So why do we keep seeing Adobe pushing the technologies that the developers do not want?

I would like to take the opportunity to ask Adobe to speak out and offer their support to existing developers with serious PR and coverage and continued accelerated roadmap for the Adobe Flash and Air product before all of your best developers leave and take their years of development and programming skills with them. Adobe has seen this already as developers have sought to find other native solutions, Unitiy has become the entry level tool of choice and companies like myself and Minko are essentially planning or working on building superior tools that may soon make Air obsolete whilst supporting native and HTML5 development without the need for an Adobe toolchain. This is the effect of alienating your development community and losing sales of your supporting tools.

Personally, I do not want to see Adobe Air or Adobe Flash disappear as they both have a formidable user base, excellent workflow, perfect cross-platform capability. With a small amount of investment, I feel that Flash and Air could be a much superior technology and with this approach Adobe might regain the trust of their developer community whilst continuing to enrich the lives of those developers who have continued to champion Adobes history of excellent web technologies.

Gary Paluk

So Adobe we really need an answer !

My HTML5 presentation at Google Developers Group Manouba


I did a presentation about HTML5 for the Google Developers Group Manouba and I wanted to share with you my slider and the full source code :

In this presentation I talked about a lot of possibilities with HTML5 like LocalStorage, RealTime Communications, semantics and markup, multimedia like canvas , video and audio…
And here is the full source code for the demos i’ve done :
If you have any question please feel free to post a comment and i’ll be glad to answer
Enjoy !

A great Use of the CSS3 transform-matrix3d

After checking the Creative Sanbox Site by Google. My mind was blown away. I started to inspect some Divs and trying to find out how it has been done an yep my instinct was right Matrix3D baby.

matrix3d(m00, m01, m02, m03,
         m10, m11, m12, m13,
         m20, m21, m22, m23,
         m30, m31, m31, m33)

So as Sebastian Deutsch said :

Unless you’re a math god you probably think to yourself: “I find the lack of documentation quite disturbing” followed by the question on how to build the really hot Superman stuff on left. The described approach is not meant to be mathematical or complete – I just want to fill a little documentation gap.

due to the lack of documentation I’ll try to explain a bit for you :

Every transformation could be based onto three basic transformations:

  • Rotation
  • Scale
  • Translation

With some math changing these three transformations you can create magic effect .
Taking for instance this example from Sebastian Deutsch‘s Tutorial:

tM = rotationXMatrix

Finally you apply it to the image:

s  = "matrix3d("
s += tM.e(1,1).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(1,2).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(1,3).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(1,4).toFixed(10) + ","
s += tM.e(2,1).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(2,2).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(2,3).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(2,4).toFixed(10) + ","
s += tM.e(3,1).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(3,2).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(3,3).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(3,4).toFixed(10) + ","
s += tM.e(4,1).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(4,2).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(4,3).toFixed(10) + "," + tM.e(4,4).toFixed(10)
s += ")"

document.getElementById('darth-vader').style['-webkit-transform'] = s;

Also you can get the source from github

Now It is up to you to use your math skills and imaginations to come up with something cool , I’ll be glad to see some visual effects of this type.


Don’t worry Tina Fey, Flash Player 11.4 is sleeping like a baby with the silent update !

Recently Adobe begins to push updates to the flash player more frequently so they add a feature to the runtime called silent update once you accept it,  flash player will not ask you to install any update any more ,It will be done automatically .

so harry up peoples update to flash player 11.4 and accept the silent update feature so we as developer can create more engaging content using the new features added to the runtime and don’t let Tina Fey go emotional check out the video above.

Also I want to point out that more then 600 millions user have already accepted this feature by Thibault Imbert.

If you are not one of these 600 millions click the link and update your flash player

[Updated] Targetting flash player 11.4 and AIR 3.4 from Adobe Flash Pro CS6 now available

Today I had a notification in Adobe software update including Adobe Flash Professionel CS6 (over 756 MO) .

After downloading and installing the new update I Checked the publish settings and oopa there’s some new target there including Flash player 11.4, Air For Android 3.4, Air 3.4 For Desktop And Air 3.4 For IOS. See the image bellow

If you want to find out more about the new features of Flash Player 11.4/AIR 3.4 check this great article by Thibault Imbert

Here’s a great video showing the new features in flash CS6 with the new update.

Adobe Brackets a new Lightweight code editing tool from Adobe

Adobe launch an amazing new open-source project.It is a Lightweight code editing tool called Brackets .It is a great easy extensible code editor that is built entirely using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Brackets still in development,but you can start playing around with the source code just go to the Github repo

so enought talking and take a look to this amazing code editor

(Linq for PHP) The power of .NET in PHP

Linq for PHP stands for Language Integrated Query for PHP, it is A set of PHP classes mimicing C#3.0′s

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) extension methods .

1. Materials Needed and prequisites

First of all you need to have wamp or mamp or other php engine. I am a pc user so I use wamp. Then you will need to download the LinqForPHP classes from code plex site. Before we begin this tutorial I asume that you have done a little bit of php programming and you are able to use phpMyAdmin ,create databases and tables. Very simple stuff not too much!

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